About Us

Intergate Solutions Sdn Bhd

Our company has been operating locally offers clients its partners and clients beneficial and conditions for coorperation. Intergate Solutions Sdn Bhd provide design and fabrication services for all kind of signage as per client's requirement, that are normal signboard, hoarding signage, billboard or giant banner, 3D Box Up lettering, pylon signage and each other.

Besides, we provide installation services regardless for new or old signboard, light box or signage including billboard replacement either outdoor or indoor area.

The sign installation service is available for restaurants, cinemas, clubs, hotels, office receptions, corporate building top floors and shopping centers in Malaysia.

Our signage installation service helps you sign your store signboards and even indoor applications include the stipulated time.

Our Story Begin

Intergate Solutions Sdn Bhd was established in year 2014 as one of the leading provide outdoor installation advertisement with license permit of custom and modular system. We have the experience of the belonging to a high performances team.

We have our culture work arrangement where flexible working environment which able to bring solution by streaming your workflow.

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